Food & Wine

Exquisite Food and Wine. Share your table with winemakers, and awaken your palate with artful pairings.

andy wine tastingFood and wine in Italy is a culture of sharing and enjoying life. Our friends will become your friends as we dine each evening guided by chefs and winemakers through exquisite food courses paired with hand-harvested, earth-friendly Italian wines from small, family-owned wine estates.

You will be welcomed to the table, at every meal—like family–to enjoy the exquisite flavors, and preparations which vary from village to village.

Learn from winemakers about the significance of working with nature, as well as how each wine region’s topography, soil, and weather combine to create ideal conditions for viticulture.

Your palate will be delighted when you experience food and wine which originates from the same soil. Foods are local, seasonal, and often organic—only the best of what nature has to offer.

Small, ancestral wineries employ Italy’s historic method of wine making, in which grapes are grown without irrigation or pesticides and are harvested by hand.

Food and wine were both “top shelf” and plenty of it. The dinner at the Tennino’s home was simply magnificent.” -Marc Fleischman

The food and wine re-educated my palate. All meals were excellently prepared and the service was great. Visits to great wineries gave me a feel for the production and passion for wine in Italy. The presentation of wines by the winemakers paired with our meals was fantastic. -Ralph Phillips

“The hospitality at the wineries is something I will never forget. Very kind people. Food and wine was extraordinary. -Nancy Gilfillan