Food & Wine

Exquisite Food and Wine. Share your table with winemakers, and awaken your palate with artful pairings.

andy wine tastingFood and wine in Italy is a culture of sharing and enjoying life. Our friends will become your friends as we dine each evening guided by chefs and winemakers through exquisite food courses paired with hand-harvested, earth-friendly Italian wines from small, family-owned wine estates.


Food and wine were both “top shelf” and plenty of it. The dinner at the Tennino’s home was simply magnificent.” -Marc Fleischman

The food and wine re-educated my palate. All meals were excellently prepared and the service was great. Visits to great wineries gave me a feel for the production and passion for wine in Italy. The presentation of wines by the winemakers paired with our meals was fantastic. -Ralph Phillips

“The hospitality at the wineries is something I will never forget. Very kind people. Food and wine was extraordinary. -Nancy Gilfillan