Pier Giorgio Rivella

Giorgio was born in the small, but famous hill town of Barbaresco, which is situated in the heart of the Langhe region of Piedmont. The Barbaresco wines produced in this region are among the best-known wines in Italy. As a young man Giorgio developed a passion for cycling and was a racer for 25 years. Francesco Moser, the Italian professional cycling legend is among the many friends he has. At age 39, he transformed his love for cycling into his bicycle shop, La Bicicletta D’Alba, where he sells and repairs bicycles with great passion. This little jewel of a bike shop is located in the town of Alba.

Whenever he has free time, particularly on Sundays, Giorgio and his friends take “magical” rides in the nearby hills. The panoramic vistas encompass the many vineyards, medieval castles, and the distant alps. Giorgio will guide us on the most beautiful, traffic-free roads in Piedmont. These are the roads he loves to cycle on and share with Willie’s World Cycling guests.

Giorgio is married to Gianna and they have a daughter, Arianna and two grandchildren.